In the Merry Opera Company’s dramatisation of Handel’s Messiah, twelve strangers seek spiritual comfort in their struggle to understand the world. Singing together in a church, they inspire each other to pick up the ragged ends of their faith and look to the future with hope.


“Bringing the singers out from behind their scores brought out the human character of this music.” - Opera Now


“Imaginative new staging ... worked beautifully ... creating a

wall of sound with the power to move every spectator.” - British Theatre Guide


“We have never experienced anything so moving and exciting as your performance last night ... we wanted everyone to have heard it. Thank

you so much. We cannot stop thinking about it.” - Saffron Walden


Director: John Ramster.

Music Director and Conductor: Stephen Hose.

Costume Design: Michelle Bradbury.

Wardrobe: Pedrick Moore.

Organist: Chad Kelly (Andrew Jones for Bethnal Green and Ashford).

Cast: René Bloice-Sanders, Katherine Blumenthal, James Harrison,

WeiHsi Hu, Rosie Middleton, Roderick Morris, Gemma Morsley,

Lawrence Olsworth-Peter, Teresa Pells, Matthew Quirk,

Andrea Tweedale, Glenn Tweedie.

TO ORDER YOUR TICKETS: send applications to Tony Walmsley, 16 Gunton Saint Peters Avenue, Lowestoft NR32 4JP.


Tickets are £12 each. Please enclose a stamped addresses envelope or a return a address. If the latter there is an additional charge of £1 to cover postage and administration. Don’t forget to enclose a cheque payable to ’Our Lady Star of the Sea’ for the total number of tickets and postage as necessary.  Any queries phone 07527 421787.