3 manual Norman and Beard organ at Our Lady Star of the Sea, Lowestoft
Above: Three manual Norman and Beard organ at Our Lady's

We have a strong musical tradition, with sung Masses at both Our Lady’s and St Nicholas’ churches every Sunday. There is no formal choir in the Parish as we encourage everyone to sing out at Mass. Cantors lead the singing of the Kyrie, Gloria and Gospel Acclamation, as well as the Responsorial Psalm. 


Several times a year, we hold special 'Sing for the Lord' music mornings on a Saturday at Our Lady’s, where we learn new Mass Settings and hymns and practise Taizé and other Chants. These get-togethers are useful too when we are preparing for any special Liturgical events, i.e. Christmas and Easter, where music plays such an important role.

Do you sing or play an instrument?


As an alternative to traditional organ-led music, mass at our Lady's is led by our instrumental group every few weeks and on some feast days. The group was formed over two years ago and has gone from strength to strength. It now includes guitars, keyboard, bass guitar, flutes, violins and singers.


If you are interested in joining the music group, please get in touch via the Contacts Page.

Next Family Mass: 2nd October


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During the lockdown phase of the Covid 19 Pandemic, all live worship had to be cancelled to keep everyone safe. Luckily the parish team managed to set up the technology for livestreaming  beforehand, so that Fr Paul could be recorded saying Mass via Facebook and the website. The parishioners and clergy soon began contributing to this alternative version of Mass by adding their own pre-recorded readings, hymns, homilies and prayers. What resulted was a fantastic alternative to coming together for worship in person during this difficult time.


Part of the challenge of making the music ministry come alive was finding ways of recording hymns and creating a music 'group' without leaving the house or congregating with others which was not allowed at the time. So the recordings for you to listen to here were put together by Marie in her home office on a multi track application, using various instruments including a keyboard, guitar, recorders and percussion. She then added vocals and passed the recordings on to Jan to add her vocals and harmonies in her home studio! Quite a time consuming process but very rewarding and great to have a permanent record of our time in lockdown to keep and enjoy.

Our Lady's Music Ministry

​It is good to praise the Lord and make music in His name ​​- Psalm 92 v1