The Stella Maris Hall is available for booking from September 2021 subject to any future possible government restrictions.

We recommend voluntary precautionary measures for your indoor event, so sanitise your hands upon entry, enter with a face covering if possible until you sit down, achieve good ventilation with windows and doors ajar that must all be securely shut when finished; bring some spare sanitising gel and paper towel for those who wish to use it and to wipe down door handles and push plates before you exit the hall. Maintain good spacing between chairs and when standing, talking and queuing.
The Stella Maris hall (attached to the church) may be booked for a number of purposes. There is ramped access with automatic opening doors to a floor area of about 600 square feet. It contains separate male, female and disabled toilets, a small kitchen area and a slightly elevated stage.


There are 9 long lightweight trestle tables, 4 medium sized ones, 6 small children’s ones and 7 heavy square wooden ones and plenty of chairs for you to place out (which need putting back in their original place at the end).

The booking includes use of the kitchen that has an urn, microwave, cooker, fridge, etc. and all the usual utensils – you will, of course, need to provide your own food, drink supplies.
There is limited parking for about six vehicles on site and council-run car parks are nearby.

Arrangements are made for the hall to be opened for users or by a key supplied. The key should then be delivered into the Presbytery letterbox on the other side of the church from the hall, once all is cleared and locked up.


The hall can be booked for a flat rate of £12 per hour or quarter thereof. Booked time from unlocking door to locking up includes setting up and clearing away.


Arrangements are made to pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer. If a receipt is required a copy of the invoice should be sent with cheque in a SAE posted to the presbytery.

Contact Chris Brooks at christopherbrooks631@gmail.com or telephone: (01502) 563208 to make a booking.

Conditions of Hire

By hiring this hall you agree to leave the hall as you find it with the floor swept, tables and chairs replaced in their designated places, kitchen surfaces cleaned, all lights switched off, electrics turned off by the key on the chain at the main rocker switch on the wall inside the foyer (by the second double door as you enter – where electrics are switched on!), toilet areas clean and litter-free, emergency doors properly barred shut, all corridor and double inner and outer doors properly bolted before being locked with the same key. When using the electronically controlled outer door with its large push pads, please follow the instructions given on the nearby inner window and replace the separate electronic door key with its chain on the hook after unlocking and locking up.

By this booking agreement  it is your responsibility to pay for any loss or repairs or replacements because of theft or damage to hall property and its contents occasioned during the period of this booked hiring or afterwards due to the hall not being locked securely when you finish.

Please note that the hall owners are not liable for any accident occasioned in any way whatsoever during the hiring of this hall, and advises that private group liability insurance should be obtained to cover this risk if it is considered desirable. Similarly the Hall owners are not liable for any theft or loss of items brought into the hall during lettings and advises those responsible for the booking to mention to users about taking care of their personal property during the letting.