We are part of a nationwide organisation of Catholic women, committed to working in their parishes and community.


We hold group meetings and support parish activities. It's not just doing the tea making and washing up though; an important part of our work is educating and raising awareness of the issues that affect all of us as we seek to live out our faith. Our spiritual life is very important to us, as a family or section that pray together, stay together. 


We love to raise money for our own charities but also others like the McMillan trust where we recently raised over £250 at a coffee morning. The section recently started again after a 4 year break so we are still open to suggestions for activities.

We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 2pm in the Stella Maris Hall.  Please feel free to join us for all or part of our time together. Please contact Alison on Tel: 01502 587945 or email for further information.